Business development is as complex and demanding as upstream swimming. It takes a lot of patience, hard work, and sleepless nights. Having a running cloud application is usually the first and foremost step toward a solid and robust business. But even developing an application within a cloud space could be a daunting task. The job requires distinct skills, knowledge, resources, and faculties to grab the right moment and opportunity for a cloud-based application. It must be tougher, stronger, better, and more advantageous than the on-premises applications.  

An azure consultant is a person to help you with all these things. They can develop your business through a cloud-based application for marketing data. They use cloud solutions to facilitate businesses as it offers a wide range of scalability, resilience, platform integrity, and functionality. Azure consultants also guide organizations toward a technology-driven world and facilitate the cloud migration services and adoption process. They assist you to reinvent your app development skills with minimal resources and investment. The real question is how to hire Azure consultants for marketing data, reinventing app development, and acquiring new skills. In this blog, we shall discuss in detail the skills and characteristics that the Azure consultant must possess for marketing data. These traits will give a clear direction to organizations looking to hire Azure consultants.  

Top skills of Azure consultants 

A company should hire Azure consultants and developers that have the following capabilities: 

1. A Cloud Strategist  

Having cloud knowledge and know-how of the platform is pivotal for a consultant. Azure consultants are expected to be cloud strategists because only a sound knowledge of cloud strategy will enable a strong foundation for business development. A cloud strategy will help identify the business outcomes of your desire and guide you through the process. A good strategist or consultant will enable you to apply cloud tenants with less intervention and delays and with more accuracy.  

2. Ability to Embrace Unpredictability 

Uncertainty is part and parcel of every business process. You cannot be completely devoid of the experience of unpredictability when it comes to cloud-based applications. A good Azure consultant is aware of the working and uncertainty of server control. According to a general principle, a cloud migration services does accelerate and uplift the operations and development of a department, but it could also go the other way too. Therefore, Azure consultants and experts must be accustomed to uncertain conditions, chaos, and unpredictable server synchronization across processes. Azure experts mostly use external bodies such as Azure Storage and Redis cache to avoid surprises in the future regarding app development services.    

3. Stays within the Budget Margin 

Any good developer or consultant should sit together with the company officials to discuss their budget requirements and constraints. Going out of budget margin may ruin things for both the client and the expert. Since Azure services operate under a pay-as-you-go model, therefore the consultants and developers should choose the plan which is according to the client’s needs and fits their budget. The development plan within the budget margin could leave happy clients and customers.  

4. Scales the Applications 

When dealing with Azure cloud computing services, developers should be acquainted with all the scalability and flexibility challenges and benefits of the platform. Azure cloud is known for scaling up and down the resources of the applications under development to facilitate the business. the consultants must have skills to realize those benefits and grab the scalability advantages. Also, they can guide the company on the roadmap leading to high-performing applications. Consultants must make efficient use of the Azure platform according to the requirement and business feasibility.  

5. Familiar with Data Scaling 

A key step that most companies and consultants miss out on is data scaling. A consultant should be accustomed to data scaling. They must be familiar with the fact that data scaling follows right after application scaling. Consultants must stay up-to-date with the following parameters of data scaling:  

  1. Data storage for the stakeholders or users  
  2. Decreased latency  
  3. High-quality and improved performance 
  4. Proper management and handling of the transactional issues 

Besides all these, a good consultant is always the one that keeps data scalability in focus and manages data according to the business resources and requirements. 

Some other lookouts or qualities in Azure consultants include the ability to evaluate situations and assess the service, application development, resilience to delivery and continuity, and building environment-specific programs and codes.